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a fanfiction & art fest featuring wu yifan
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25th-Nov-2015 08:55 pm - [sticky post] ★ reveals [2015]


The time has finally come for the reveals!

After 4 months of working, our 57 participants ended up turning in a total of 68 submissions. With 62 fanfics, 2 fanart, 2 fan videos, 1 fan edit and 1 podfic, a grand total of ~363,300 words were written! Our most popular ships were Suho/Yifan with 16 submissions and Lay/Yifan with 10. Every single-member (including former members) EXO/Yifan ship had at least 3 submissions!

We want to thank everyone who participated in this fest: writers, artists, prompters, readers, viewers, promoters, and commenters. Thank you for your overwhelming support! You all made the fest truly Yifantastic! Special shout outs go to k_popped, khrysallis1106, seafoamblues, sexyvanillatiger, --Skye--, theotherhalfofawesome, and yeolis who had 2 submissions each, and thesockmonster and Olympianlove who had 3!

We may have another round next year, so please look forward to it! You are welcome to use the prompts on the prompt archive for any future works! Send us a link to your finished work + the prompt number and we'll add it to the archive. (If any prompters would like to withdraw their prompts, please notify us by email as well.)

Feel free to use this post as a friending meme! Just leave your information (name, twitter, tumblr, favourite ships, biases, fandoms, etc.) or whatever you choose in a comment! You may now also crosspost your submissions to your personal websites and reply to comments.

Below is a breakdown of submissions by ship, for those who are curious.



21st-Nov-2015 11:43 pm - ★ guess who [2015]

guess who

The time has finally come. After 14 days of posting, yifantasy fest is now complete! All that's left is the guess who and reveals~

With 57 participants and 68 submissions, do you think you can guess at least a fourth of this year's total? ^_-

Comment on this post with your guesses for who submitted which entry! Don't forget to keep reading and viewing all of our wonderful submissions so you can guess more~ Anonymous commenting is on for those shy folk! :)

Reveals will be on November 25th, so get your guesses in before then!

21st-Nov-2015 09:55 pm - DAY FOURTEEN ★ wake up [podfic]
Username: washingshoes
Prompt #: T-2 [prompt details]"[POSSIBLE DUCBON] platonic!taoris. gantz!au (film vers.) in which yifan gets hit by a truck, only to wake up in a blank room with several other people claiming that they've died and a black orb by the name of gantz. he realizes that to go back to his normal life, he has to fight aliens and put his life on the line, according to the black orb's screen commands. (yes, it sounds crazy even to him, but he just can't seem to wake up from this nightmare.)"
Title: Wake Up
Ship: platonic!Tao/Yifan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: screaming, implied death/violence
Notes: The audio snippets are from the Gantz trailer. I’m sorry I couldn’t fit everything from the prompt in, due to the nature of this fanwork.

Username: bluedreaming
Prompt #: Original Prompt
Title: somewhere it hides a well
Ship: Sehun & Yifan (father & son)
Side ships: Kai/Unnamed Woman (broken), Sehun & Tao (friends), Baekhyun/Yang Zishan, Baekhyun & Yifan (friends), Kai & Yifan (coparents?)
Rating: PG
Word count: 9,860 words
Warnings: minor character death, implied depression, briefly implied past character abuse (does not involve any children)
Summary: At night, the rain mixes with the sound of his father crying.
Notes: Thank you to M for writing about the rain and giving me this idea in the first place. Thank you to everyone who helped and encouraged me when I started writing. A huge thank you to L for hearing me out and helping me unravel my memories of a plot into actual structure, and an enormous thank you to A for being the bestest beta ever and helping me untangle the results.

21st-Nov-2015 09:55 pm - DAY FOURTEEN ★ work me up
Username: torontok
Prompt #: 36 [prompt details]College!au where class president Yifan's dating basketball captain Minseok after years and years of crushing on him and he doesn't want to disappoint him by telling him he's a virgin.
Title: Work me up
Ship: Xiumin/Yifan
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,000 words
Summary: College!au where class president Yifan's dating basketball captain Minseok after years and years of crushing on him and he doesn't want to disappoint him by telling him he's a virgin.
Notes: This was uniforms rush job and I'm really sorry to Kris, he deserved a better fic than this

21st-Nov-2015 09:55 pm - DAY FOURTEEN ★ destination
Username: yeolis
Prompt #: Original Prompt
Title: Destination
Ship: Lay/Yifan
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,699 words
Summary: The owner of the phone Yifan found in the library just happens to be someone he’s been waiting for.
Notes: this was a last minute thing. i hope y’all like it anyway :)

21st-Nov-2015 09:55 pm - DAY FOURTEEN ★ disenchanted
Username: suhoneydew
Prompt #: 222 [prompt details]Enchanted!AU where Kris - a single father of one - leads an ordinary life until one day he and his daughter meet a weird (but really cute and handsome) prince, named prince Suho, who claims he's come from another world to save his princess but then after he meets Kris, he is not sure with whom he is meant to be. Maybe not all prince charmings end up with a princess.
Title: Disenchanted
Ship: Suho/Yifan
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,440 words
Warnings: brief brief mentions of adultery
Summary: Single father Yifan spends his time indulging in his daughter’s Disney fantasies. You would think a prince suddenly arriving at his doorstep wouldn’t be such a big deal.
Notes: This was such a cute prompt I’m sorry I kinda ran with it a little ; ; I might expand this into a chaptered fic eventually, haha. Thank you to the mods for being so patient and running such a lovely fest <3

Username: yeolis
Prompt #: T-34 [prompt details][MPREG] After a rocky start, Yifan, Baekhyun and Yixing have finally made their relationship work. Everything seems to be going well, everyone's getting the love they need, and then a surprise pregnancy throws them off.
Title: I’m so glad you’re mine
Ship: Baekhyun/Lay/Yifan
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,449 words
Warnings: bottom!yifan, mpreg, double penetration, some mild rimming and stan the t-rex
Summary: It wasn’t in Yifan’s plans to get pregnant.
Notes: a world of thanks to a for being such a big (beta) help <3

20th-Nov-2015 08:55 pm - DAY THIRTEEN ★ we can be your hero
Username: kojafras
Prompt #: T-19 [prompt details][MPREG] a/b/o or hybrid au: yifan has three lovers (exo members [ot12] of your choice), all of whom he has sex with when he's in heat. when the doctor tells him he's pregnant, he also tells him that his baby will share traits from all three men. essentially, the baby will have four fathers.
Title: we can be your hero
Ship: Chanyeol/Suho/Xiumin/Yifan
Side ship: Baekhyun/D.O.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,433 words
Warnings: mpreg, abo
Summary: Yifan is pregnant. The baby has four dads.
Notes: Title is from Monsta X's song bc I suck at titles and also what. a. good. song.

20th-Nov-2015 08:55 pm - DAY THIRTEEN ★ 2315: a space oddity
Username: seafoamblues
Prompt #: T-26 [prompt details][TENTACLES] A team of scientists finds Yifan frozen on an icy moon some galaxies away. They manage to thaw the ice, preserve the body, and revive him. Yifan doesn't quite understand what's happening, but the handsome man helping him regain control of his body has the sweetest smile.
Title: 2315: A Space Oddity
Ship: Kai/Yifan
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,900 words
Warnings: tentacles, knotting, unprotected sex, tentacle bondage?
Summary: "In the not-so-distant future, in a galaxy far, far away, a humanoid tentacle alien fucks his physical therapist...."
Notes: i didn't give myself enough time to write as much as i wanted to. i'm sorry! there will be a continuation in the future with these two getting up to even kinkier shit. yayy.

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